What is bioenergy and how does it work?

What is bioenergy and how does it work?

Healing energy (bio energy, God's power ...) is as old as mankind. Bio energy is the energy of life, „Bios“ is Greek for life. Every human being, plant, animal is an energy creature and an integral part of the universe. Bio energy is within us and all around us. If you wouldn't have life energy, you'd be dead.

In different parts of the world there are different names for energy:

  • as evidenced by the Indian Vedic books in which energy is called „Prana“
  • in China it is „Chi“ , in Japan „Ki“, African shamans are calling it „Num“
  • Egypt's bio energy in hieroglyphs is called „Ka“ which is also written on the Assyrian and Babylonian plates
  • even Hippocrates (around 370 BCE) has healed with bio energy (arms that radiate, heal)  
  • the Bible says that Jesus has healed with his arms
  • Avicenna in the 11th century writes and recommends about the treatment of bio energy 
  • in 1530. Paracelsus wrote that some people can affect on others with their life energy
  • at last, in the 20th century Europeans are introduced with energy healing



The disease occurs when the energy in the body is of balance or it's blocked in their natural state or flow. While we have it enough, it is balanced and circulates freely through our bodies so we live healthy. We fall ill if we have it too little or if  it's not in balance.  

The lack of energy in the body or body parts actually manifest as disease. Disease strikes where the body is at it's weakest. Some in the heart, in others in the digestive system, with third metabolic and malignant diseases.

By bringing the energy in the body and enable the flow, there is an improvement of health and disappearance of diseases.

From the standpoint of energy medicine, a man who is in search of health, we could say: "You are not sick - You are blocked." The flow of energy is blocked. The consequences of this blockade are various ailments and diseases.

The healer restores the flow of energy with bio energy therapies through the body and complements the lost energy and restores health.



  • Healing longstanding problems and diseases  
  • Increasing body energy
  • The release of stress, worry, fear and depression
  • Increase of awareness
  • The balance of power in the physical and energetic bodies
  • Increase of creativity and concentration
  • Greater resistance to diseases and rejuvenation of bodies
  • Harmonious relations with people, increased understanding of self and others
  • Increase of self-confidence
  • The increasing awareness of its true values
  • Regeneration of the immune system
  • Purification, energize and vitalize the body, spirit and mind
  • All organs begin to work hard and in rhythm
  • Protection against the harmful psycho-energy impact  

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