Performing therapy

Performing therapy

The therapy is performed individually with each patient. The treatment lasts a minimum of 4 days in a row and it's determined by the healer to the reactions of the patient and the severity of the disease. It can be repeated as much as the patient wants.

It's suitable for people of all ages and it doesn't need any preparation.

During the therapy patient doesn't have to have a special feeling, but can have moderate, even strong reactions. Some feel the heat, chill, cold, relief, fatigue or drowsiness. It should be noted that neither the absence nor the presence of the described phenomenon has nothing to do with the success of the therapy.

At the same time healing energy is spreading in the room and has a healing influence on everyone in the room (eg. Family, if the patient agrees). This is why it's good tio sit in the room before and after therapy for a while.

Individual therapy takes at least 20 min to 1h according to the healer. People are not robots, we are all different and respond differently to treatment so the healer feels how long should the therapy take.

Therapies are performed in a bright and pleasant surrounding.

Bio energy has a calming effect, after several therapies it comes to significant improvement in health condition and even to complete healing of hardest diseases.

Although it treats certain problem, therapy works on the entire body to help the body led to balance.

Repeating treatment cycles is recommended in case of serious and chronic condition and if there is a desire for the prevention of disease and maintenance of health of the entire organism.



It's good to come to therapy (but not necessarily) with already diagnosed disease and repeat the same after a few weeks in order to evidence the effect of therapy.

Evidences of  bio energy treatments are located patient, the initial state of the patient (test) and final condition after treatment. The patient should be instructed to report back on which will be seen that there has been an improvement or complete healing, as determined by conventional medicine.

During the therapy, a period that can last from 4 days to 3 weeks, the body manifests deep changes and all the internal organs and glands begin to work hard and within a rhythm which can't be compared with earlier.

Even the completely healthy people can come to the therapy to maintain a healthy body (the sign of man's care and responsibility for their own health). The therapy for healthy people is recommended 1 to 2 times a year to clean the body of negative energy and accumulated stress.

To make therapy more successful it's important to establish trust between the patient and the healer, to be open to therapy and to be relaxed during treatment.



People who have no experience in this manner of help, or worse, do not even believe in the results of bio energy treatments often come to bio energy treatments. However, miracles do happen and very positive changes happen in the bodies of patients. This is proof that it doesn't work on autosuggestion. Interestingly enough, people who didn't believe in the bio energy treatments, were those who were more excited to feel the results than those who believed.

There are large number of children that are coming to treatments, whether for the low immunity, infections, hyperactivity, slow motor ability or children with other disorders. The results are very quickly to be seen because children are more open than adults and they don't have any prejudices.


The athletes have been successfully treated by bio energy therapies. Their injuries heal faster and the therapy significantly reduces pain so the athletes ultimately recover much faster. Also it leads to a more rapid recovery from fatigue after workout. Bio energy can also help on the psychological level in order the gain better results.

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