Individual bio energetic therapy

Individual bio energetic therapy

In  individual therapies healers are healing only one person. Individual approach allows the client to relax and freely speak to a healer.

Individual therapy allows you completely:

  • privacy
  • intimacy
  • time for only you
  • treatmentt for only your personal problems

Bio energy has a calming effect, several therapies are leading to significant improvement in health condition and even to a complete cure of severe illnesses.

Although it treats certain problem, therapy works on the whole organism so the body gets into harmony and balance. It's It's good to come to therapy (but not necessarily) with already diagnosed disease and repeat the same after a few weeks in order to evidence the effect of therapy.

During the treatment there are manifesting profound changes in the body and all internal organs and glands begin to work hard and within a rhythm which can't be compared with earlier.

Digestion is back to normal, the nervous system is restored, waste products are easily excreted, gases are no longer retained in the body and others.

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