Healing with bio energy on distance

Healing with bio energy on distance

Bio energy on distance is technique that is applied to clients who are not able to come to the individual treatments due to illness or distance. (eg. In the USA).

The therapy has the same effect and it's as successful as when the person is physically present in therapy. Energy knows exactly where to go and how to act on the sick body because energy doesn't know the time and distance.

In the opinion of  Dean Radin  the American scientist who deals with this medicine, treatment on distance is completely equivalent treatment as in individual therapy.

The basis of Einstein's relativity methods is the story about the speed of propagation of energy through space. Einstein said that there is no time or space. In this context, the energy is spread far more quickly, so quickly that there is no time. So if I start working on a person who is away, we are so quickly in contact as there is no time and space.

A good example of  bio energy healing on distance is the Olympic handball player Ivano Balic. He was injured in the firs game in Beijing and there was a rupture of lower leg muscle. After injury Ivano got energy therapy on distance during four days. After therapy, on the re-created footage was no signs of  injury, nor felt any pain .That healing on distance was exactly the same as it would be if he was next to a healer.

When working on distance, it's important that the patient is at home in a comfortable position to sit in a comfortable chair or even better lay in bed. In the treatment on distance we should take into account where the patient is at that moment and what is he doing. If you drive a car, we need to delay treatment because if you relax too much, you can "happily" end up in a tree or a ditch.

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