Team building - linking employees and eliminating disbalance

Team building - linking employees and eliminating disbalance

Feeling “stuck” in your business?

At the request of various companies, Neven Carin, a mystic, visionary, intuitive healer and master of natural elements, carries out firewalking, seminars in amplify employee’s motivation, management in introducing new strategies and new corporate goals ...

Each participant will receive an immediate memorial on the day they perceived their unique resources and skills.


Neven Carin has a tremendous experience in company leadership training and has discovered that by firewalking great results can be achieved in a short period of time. Fire is not just a metaphor for the obstacles you need to cross, but also a great sign of success that you can achieve. Fire will help you live your dream and raise your personal strength.

We recommend firewalking for:

For individuals, because:

Walking through the heat helps individuals discover their hidden power and strengths, raises self-awareness and develops the ability to make the right decisions in life and acts in accordance with our true self. As such, it helps people to leave bad habits and self-destructive behavior patterns.

For organizations, because:

Firewalking is a very intense team building event, the most powerful organizational tool for introducing new strategies, corporate goals, or strengthening and revitalizing the teams that needs to be driven to their performance.

Experiences gained in corporate walking will have a strong and lasting impact on individuals and corporate performance, especially with organizations that needs a fresh push to drive them towards new goals.
I recommend corporate training seminars of firewalking to teams of engineers and technical expert teams with a strong scientific world view. Especially teams, that have a strong skeptical or even cynical approach to everything outside their profession, stuck in scientific paradigms of natural laws and explanations.

Organizations, whose employees firewalked, will always be a few steps ahead of the competition.

Participants said ...

Firewalking is an ideal development program for:

  •  New teams
  •  Teams that went through reorganization
  •  Specially enthusiastic about the seminar were the teams that  looked for renewal
  •  Teams that have received a new leader or manager
  •  Teams that received difficult or challenging tasks that are  impossible to do
  •  Teams that have "burned"
  •  Teams that are looking for new goals and challenges

Prices and terms upon agreement.;  MOB: 00385 91 565 4848

Team Building

Fire team building

Firewalking participants feedback:

T. P., Jastrebarsko
My feedback is that all together was great, I liked very much preparations part. Apart from walking, I was particularly impressed, and I honor you and acknowledge your healing power that was presented nicely to me. Your gesture for my back, where I had stiffness, and the feeling that when you were lowering your hand on my back as the stiffness traveled down and went out, In one word - RESPECT.

That is all from me and I wish you a lots of luck and success, even though, I doubt you will need it, as your part shows how good you are.

J.Z., Zagreb
First, I must point out that your approach, explanations and guidance are so simple and suggestive that firewalking was a natural sequel. When we came, I didn’t think I would go through the adventure called "firewalking" - and my husband was sure it was not for him, because he was very sensitive to the heat - but it was more than natural to do.

We didn’t have any burns or discomforts at that moment or after, but we felt some changes, of course, better ones. The spouse can now see brighter on his right eye and feels lighter in the whole body, as if he is few years younger.

I always had a balance problem, now as I became more stable and more attached to the ground - even my legs don’t hurt. I slept great, including that last night when I slept for almost eight hours, which for me (normal awakening was at 4 am) is a real achievement. I am breathing  excellent as well!
I will be happy to repeat this experience ... J.Z. 

RP, Zapresic

Carin's flames makes the fire of good and against evel in us.

Neven's fire works miraculously and the person spontaneously is surrender and believes in fire. The result is the body and spirit cleansing explained only by the healer's intuition and the mystery of belief in this phenomenon known for centuries.



Ž.M., Zagreb

Neven, thank you for everything, on a pleasant and useful day spent with the group, walking on "1000 degrees". Walking on the live coal is a special experience, I recommend it to everyone, both old and young, sick and healthy.

Everyone will find enthusiasm and additional encouragement for themselves, overcome the fear and enjoy it, so it will later, certainly be easier if person has a thought: "If I went through the hot coal then I can do anything"

Thank you


A.P. Bled, SLO

Hi Neven. Thank you very much ❤ I'm still collecting all the feelings ... it was divine. Since the beginning, it is still going and will be for a long time.

You have the power of God to help people. You are praised. And elected.

I did not expect something so beautiful ... Lot's of love and kindness and all goodness ❤ I already attended few personal spiritual workshops ... It was good and I changed. And I'm grateful.

And with you it really comes from the heart and from God ❤

And it all happens at the right time and not by accident.

Neven THANK YOU ❤❤❤

I wish you all the best.

Thank you for saving me ❤ and recovered.



Neven it was a great experience with FIREWALKING under your guidance on your beautiful location. And the Full Moon was there too.

See you next time


Z.B. Zagreb

Dear Neven,

Thank you very much!

It was great, you managed to create such a high quality and powerful process and dynamics in the group, and so a qualitative atmosphere in the human and working sense that it seemed to us as we know eachother a lot longer and that we already met earlier, what we had in previous lives ...We continue ...,Zdravko

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