Holistic Shamanic RETREAT: The ancient ceremony of water in the nature park Žumberak

Holistic Shamanic RETREAT: The ancient ceremony of water in the nature park Žumberak


ALL-DAY HOLISTIC – SHMANAIC RETREAT – ANCIENT WATER CEREMONIES in the untouched nature of Zumberak Nature Park.

Restore your lost energy, health and inner peace by entering the magical world of holistic shamanic healing with the element of water. Water is a healing element of used properly. With the expert guidance of healer and shaman Neven Carin, we embark on a path of harmony with the element of water.

Water rules emotions and symbolizes human emotions. Emotions can be deep and dangerous like the ocean, but these can also be very comfortable. If we have too many emotions, they come out in the form of tears. Emotions serve us to perceive the environment with emotions, not like some robots. That is why it is important to have an element of water balanced in the body. If we have too much, we become too sensitive to the environment, because then we choke our loved one sin order of excessive care.

Now you're ready to do something for yourself. This is your life. Take it finally into your hands.


The return of lost energy, inner peace and the joy of living is possible only at the very source of life in a pure and untouched nature.

The sounds and smells we encountered in these places are healing in themselves, and with my guidance, the participants experienced them in a way that suited your body, spirit and mind.

the houses of the faithful. In Islam, they go to treat people with water, which they first energize with prayer. During the day we learn how to make our own holy and healing water.

The sounds and scents you will encounter in these ancient places are healing, and with the guidance of Healer Neven Carin you will experience them in a way that suits your body, mind and soul. We are embarking on a journey of new insights and learning, both about life and about ourselves.

Learned knowledge remains yours for a lifetime. We do not learn from desolated books and seminars indoors but in pure nature from the living elements and ancient knowledge of Healer Neven Carin. What you have read so far, now is the time to experience it.

The path to harmony with oneself is possible only in places of pure and untouched nature. We can only calm the mind if we are in an area that can provide it. The untouched nature of Zumberak Nature Park is just such an area. The area of the nature park is full of forests and oxygen and a natural process of detoxification and cleansing of the body will occur.

Renew your life energy, health and inner peace with simple and ancient techniques from our area, with the expert guidance of Healer Neven Carin in the pure and untouched nature of Zumberak Nature Park.


The program includes:

Gathering at 09:00 AM at the Centre for Natural Healing Methods. After gathering and drinking morning coffee or tea, we slowly move towards the pristine and pure nature of the Zumberak Nature Park.

The first point is pure ancient source of thermal and healing water where we have a ritual bath and receive the blessings of water. A special experience is swimming in winter with fog around us and warm water under us – as in the movies. Anyone with hair problems (hair loss, weak hair, etc.) can dive and massage their scalp here and people with skin problems can just take a bath. There are many miraculous healings from this place that we talk about while swimming above the well and massaging with water bubbles. Zumberak Nature Pak has over 8 water sources. The water from these springs has exceptional healing ability with ph. 8.4 as in the Hunza people who have lived for over 100 years. Here you can fill your water bottles.

Photography lovers at this retreat experience real photo safaris and are full of magical photos of natural elements and untouched and pure nature. As we drive through the wilderness of Zumberak Nature Park there is a possibility of picking medicinal plants with expert supervision of Phyto therapist.

After the ritual bath, we come to an ancient shrine surrounded by water, a stone church with the ancient’s symbols of our people on it with a special sense of the healing energies of the place. Here we enter the sanctuary, light candles with a special ritual, feast on blessed oil and holy water. With a brief prayer, meditation, or the purchase of blessed candles, we complete the sightseeing of the shrine and move even deeper into the hidden areas of the nature park.

The old quarry is an ideal place for us to search for various minerals and precious stones in the area. So, anyone who is lucky can find Mountain Crystal, Purple Amethyst, Green Malachite, Hematite, Quartz, Galenite, but also Gold. Here we learn how intuition can lead us to a valuable crystal in this area.


After filling the pockets with precious stones, we enter the park area where every cellphone signal is lost, and the natural process of detoxification begins. This created a completely protected area where the process of regeneration and self-healing begins.

In this beautiful canyon without signal, there are three beautiful waterfalls beneath which we do the blessings of water and purify our body, mind and soul from the negative energies we no longer need. WATER RITUAL UNDER THE WATERFALLS IS AN UNRELATIVE EXPERIENCE remembered for a lifetime. In this sacred place we were able to take photographs with light beings – Orbs.

Below the first waterfall, we make connections with this place of power and its beings with shamanic drumming.

We are learning to cleanse our bodies with the element of water, with THE GOD'S ARROW.

Anyone who has a recorder here can record the sounds of waterfalls, drums and woods for a private collection of healing sounds.

Within the waterfalls we cross wooden bridges, stroll through the wilderness to learn about the plants of this area, visit the cave and awake our adventure spirit, a fire within us that may have become weaker during life.

At the end of the canyon, we visit the only inhabitants of the area, Mrs. Nada who is 80 years old and lives in the only remaining stone mill in the area, from the former two hundred mills. We will taste authentic food and drinks accompanied with stories or her youth.

Mrs. Nada (Hope in English) has spent her entire life in these sacred places, learning ancient knowledge from generation to generation, and participants usually enjoy her mystical and mysterious stories, and some write them down.

We end the day around 7 PM by going to the restaurant and taste the traditional Zumberak specialties (mushroom or beef soup, wild trout or one of the veggie menus). A young roe deer, raised by its owners and allowed to live in the woods, can come to the restaurant. After Lana became a mother, she began to bring her little one to the restaurant (this is especially enjoyed by children).



After these 10 hours of stay in nature and healing with the element of water, the participants noticed a great increase of energy in a very short time.

Holistic Shamanic RETREAT: The ancient ceremony of water in the nature park Žumberak, Shamanic, Shamanism, Retreat, Žumberak,

What are the benefits after a RETREAT?

  • More energy in the body
  • Increased resistance to diseases and rejuvenation to the body
  • Stress, worries, anxieties and depression relief
  • Awareness increasing
  • Energy balance in physical and energy bodies
  • Increasing creativity and concentration
  • More harmonious relationships with people, increased understanding of self and others
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Awareness of your true values
  • Regeneration of immune system
  • Purification, energizing and vitalizing the body, spirit and mind
  • All organs start to work hard and with rhythm


Holistic Shamanic RETREAT: The ancient ceremony of water in the nature park Žumberak, Shamanic, Shamanism, Retreat, Žumberak,


DATE: 21nd May 2021

DURATION FROM 09:00PM till 8:00 PM (sometimes we stay till midnight, we like the company and talk, the participants love to stay, and nobody is rushing home :))

PRICE:  HRK 1.200,00 ( 160,00 EUR) – For the Early Booking – till 15th March 2020 we give a 30% discount. And the price is really very low: HRK 850,00. ( 115,00 EUR )

We accept: DINERS, AMEX, VISA ...

The price includes a lecture on spiritual purification by the element of water, workshops on ways/methods for improving the quality of life, ritual bathing under waterfalls, diplomas and dinner.

ACCOMMODATION: for every participant, there is a possibility to book an accommodation in double bedroom, in a mountain house Carin near the workshop.  By appointment, we can have a tour of the holy sites on Mount Okic, places where miraculous healings have been documented by priests. https://www.facebook.com/MountainHouseCarinOresje

NOTICE: limited numbers of participants.

INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION: info@nevencarin.com;  00385 91 565 4848
Registration is made by making a down payment of HRK 300.0 to the account and the rest upon arrival at the retreat:


Address: Samoborska Ulica 43, Klinča Sela
Bank account: IBAN: HR6023900011101077510
Purpose of payment: SEMINAR
Reference number: 00 22032020

By making a down payment, you reserve your place on the retreat. In case of cancellation, the down payment will not be refunded, but you can use it for the next retreat.

Holistic Shamanic Retreat Neven Carin

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