Termination of negative attitudes among people

Termination of negative attitudes among people


Termination of negative connections can be performed with alive and dead people, diseases, poverty, fear or any condition or situation in which we are too tied or it's burdening us in a negative way.

When terminating connections with negative people, all that remains is good and all negative goes away. The treatment lasts a minimum of 4 days in a row at the same time.

For example: Husband and wife were in good relations their whole life, but suddenly one of them dies. The energy relationship between the pair has remained even though one of them went out of this world. It's necessary to cut any negative connections between them. All good memories will remain and all negative will disappear. It's important to do that because  the other person can start to fade if he or she was too tied to the spouse for many years.

Negative connection can be disrupted among living people ( positive connections remain):

  • between good friends
  • between parents and children
  • between spouses and people in long-term relationsheep
  • between the person and his boss at work (the improvement is immediately visible)

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