Removal of negative entities with energy

Removal of negative entities with energy

Removal of negative entities with energy (EXORCISM)

Negative entities can move in in all living beings and thing. They can subtly influence the thoughts and actions of the body in which they exist (humans, animals, the earth).

Sensitive, shy, sad or depressed people are tempting prey for the entity.

When the demon feels the lack of energy, he enters the person. It can be recognized as a stranger in the body resulting a loss of control of victims free will, decisions and actions. Demon controls a victim, he makes a person to move away from society, people, work. He often destroyes a person with all sorts of addictions.

Demon enters a person often because of past trauma (emotional, physical and psychological) in this or past lives or under the influence of magic. When the energy and a spirit of a person are weak, it opens up a space in the body to enter the demons..

One of the most common types of entities are in a shape of  hooks, blocks, stones, nets, knives, forks, scythes, (often people say they have a feeling that something is stuck in their backbone or that they  have a large and heavy stone in their chest) .

Swearing and cursing can cause demons in person because it's a conscious and intentional act of aggression to another person. When the demon feels the lack of energy in the person who is swearing and cursing so he enters the person.

MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS can say that everything is alright although people have real difficulties. The problem is that in the case of seeking further medical assistance, we can't expect a therapy that will detect and clean up the entity.

It is necessary to clean the negative consequences of the attack. If a person who is subject to attack isn't purified, negative energy will capture the person faster and faster and the consequences will be bigger.

Cleaning is a very complicated process that requires expertise for  results to be permanent.

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