Quick energy therapy for business people

Quick energy therapy for business people

The quick energy therapy has a purpose to quickly restore the body and its energy field, addressing the stress and boosting the immune system.

Healthy people who are going to bioenergy therapy, which acts preventively, show their responsibility and care for their body.

Every person could take care of preserving the energy balance in ther body and mind. Sometimes it just takes a healer who will energize and re-balance your energy. The most common reason is lack of energy and chronic negative stress.

The most common factors of modern chronic stress are:

  • psychological
  • psychosocial
  • emotional
  • psychological causes in the workplace, in the home environment, in society, on the road and elsewhere

Stress activators in a workplace are: working with people in general, especially with superiors or customers, excessive demands, short deadlines, high expectations, failed implementation, poor salary, threats and harassment (mobbing), dissatisfaction, conflicts due to the inability to harmonize work and family responsibilities and so on.

We often set our goals too high. High goals in one area may be a cover up for a sense of failure in other area. High goals are often set by parents or people close to us. Failure is a source of irritation, tension, frustration and blaming which only deepens the stress.

When we are under a lot of preasure and stress, we are in a mess. This mess connects with our body trough our nerve and hormonal connections. The stress overloaded parts of our body are the brain, heart and circulatory system, metabolic organs and muscles. There are a number of allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, malignant diseases and pathologies of unknown origin.

By adding energy to the body we are strengthening our body defense system and increasing the possibility of healing.

  • For business people it's recommended to get treatment once or twice a year to clean of accumulated stress and to continue to work and to restore your energy.
  • People come because of  preventive reasons or simply due to exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

Energy treatment achieves harmony in the body. When you are harmonious your life flows like a river, it's full of excitement, exploration, passion, games, songs and love.

  • Quick energy therapy can be performed in the Centre and at distance.  When you are on a long business trip and you are exhausted from the meeting and you need restored enetgy.

The therapy is recommended for students to get rid of accumulated stress exam periods and to improve concentration and to feel rested and ready for new challenges.

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