Protection of future events

Protection of future events

Energy is used for all kinds of things. We can send it from distance to someone who is sick and lives in America. That person can immediately feel the energy. We can send the energy to the future,to an event.

One good example is sending energy to one of the most beautiful events in a person's life, the birth of their child. It can protect the child and mother and make it all go well. Energy is not magic and it will do the best it can in that moment. It has to be done before the childbirth so the positive effects of energy don't reduce the effect of painkillers.

Protection of future events is a good example of extended travel.

On one occasion, I heard a story of a lady who has made the protection of her trip. ( It's an exaggeration if you protect your every trip, but if you go to Africa on a long trip where are  frequent riots, it would be desirable.) She experienced a crash and complained about the work of her Healer. The car was totally crushed, but she was OK and so she was still complaining about the car although she was alright.

Is that possible ? Of course it isn't. Only a month later, when she regained consciousness of the car crush, she was grateful.

Energy protection for:

  • childbirth
  • trips
  • injuries by athletes
  • persons

As we do the protection of future events, we can also clean up our unpleasant events from our past.

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