Healing pets

Healing pets


Natural and energy healing methods are also successful for animal healing. It's often used with conventional veterinary treatment in developed Western countries.

Animals have an extraordinary sense of energy and they completely surrender to the good energies of the therapist. It's possible to cure them overnight, even in states which are a step to death.

It is possible to help animals in all chronic and acute diseases, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, urinary-reproductive, nervous, cardio-vascular diseases, allergies, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, poisoning, piroplasmosis and other communicable diseases, etc.

The therapy empowers the sick body before and after surgery. It alleviates the pains of all kinds, raises the immune system, slows down the aging process and establishes a complete state of health and vitality according to the holistic principles of treatment.

Negative emotional states of animals such as fear, aggression, sadness, etc. can successfully be treated.

Energy treatments are affordable and painless, animals love them and perfectly respond to the therapy. In combination with veterinary treatment, it can reach extraordinary and rapid results. Energy treatments help even when conventional treatments are no longer giving the desired results.

Cats are ready to take energy as long as you are willing to give it. They don't need so much energy, max 20 minutes of therapy is enough. Especially if the cat itself decides to leave before the therapy ends. This is a sign that the cat left the treatment happy and it's now in a new expedition of the environment.

Dogs have primarily decided to be with their owner and to share all the good and bad that life brings. They believe that they are even closer to their owners when exchanging energy.. Dogs often get up in the middle of treatment and go to another place, which is also a sign that they had enough energy.

It is important to repeat the treatment at the same time during the week and observe how the animal behaves. If you estimate that it takes more therapy, repeat it. The animals will be happy and healthy.

It is possible to perform energy therapy at distance on animals. It would be good to put your pet in arms for the duration of therapy.

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