Cleaning negativity from space

Cleaning negativity from space

CLEANING the negativity from your space (land, houses, apartments, offices, business premises ...)

We often find ourselves in an area in which we don't feel comfortable. We feel tension, pressure in the body and we have a need to get out as soon as possible.

Causes coul be:

  • negative energy of other people who have been in that room/space
  • various accidents in that room
  • subterranean waters
  • various radiation (Except for the earth's magnetic field and radiation from space. We feel the impact if we are often near the transmission lines, substations, etc.)
  • portals
  • various energy intersections have an impact on our body and soul
  • negative entities and other sources of negative vibrations

If we stay long in these areas, it gradually leads to physical problems: headaches, irregular breathing, restlessness in sleep, chest pain, blockages in some segments of our lives such as problems in the emotional and sexual life, financial difficulties, problems in interpersonal relationships.

It's extremely important to purify and stabilize the energy that surrounds us.

It's possible to clean your room with energy from harmful radiation. Energy provides more productivity, abundance and prosperity in stores and other workplaces.

If there was a long period of stagnation or bad feelings, it's obvious that the energy in the room needs to be refreshed and changeed.

It's good to clean up the energy of previous users before moving in a new apartment to have a real chance for a new beginning.


CLEANING negativity out of things (jewelry, cars, paintings, sculptures, gifts, things that others have worn ...)

Feelings, memories and various programs are found in things (Old apartments contain energy from former tenants. If they often argued, were angry, felt bad and were sick, all energy will be picked up by the walls and it would be transmitted to new owners. If there happend a murder, all negative energy will be absorbed by the walls and new tenants will experiance strange and inexplicable phenomena of moving objects,having trouble to fall asleap and have bad dreams.

When buying a house or apartment, ask about the former owners because their energy is woven into the space and walls.

When you receive a gift that your grandmother wore or buy jewelry in antique shop, you must keep in your mind that it contains energy from former owners. Before you put it on, you should clean it from energies. .

The treatment is individualized and the duration of the treatment is variable due the situation and energy in space or things.

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