Cleaning and programming jewelry and mineral stones

Cleaning and programming jewelry and mineral stones


The crystals, jewelry and precious stones are minerals of crystal structure. They can be programmed with thoughts, sounds, colors and fill them with energy (for each person differently).

Programmed crystal or gemstone is a treasure of energy. Sample of energy could be any thought, color, emotion, sound or any other vibration.

Programmed crystal or gemstone radiates a programmed purpose such as:

  • constant people and space energy cleaning
  • prosperity in life
  • prosperity in love
  • money attracting
  • happiness
  • health

until the program is changed or an disturbance occures.

It is good to program all of your jewelry for some purpose (to radiate health or attracting true and sincere love).

Every crystal or mineral stone should be cleaned of stored energy before any use.

CLEANING out the negativity in things (jewelry, cars, paintings, books, sculptures, gifts, things that others have worn ...)

We can find feelings, memories and various programs in things.

When you receive a gift that your grandmother wore or buy jewelry in antique shop, you must keep in your mind that it contains energy from former owners. Before you put it on, you should clean it from energies.

If purchasing a used car, you should clean it from energies from former owners. Especially if someone died in it in a car accident.

Do not buy things at the antiquity fair without cleaning all the energy from former owners.

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