About me

About me

Neven Carin is a healer who is working on spiritual energy, therapeutic counseling and alternative therapy. For number of years he has been treating a variety of ailments and diseases, but also diseases that the medical system is considered. He began providing energy treatments to closest family members and friends to gradually extended the circle of those who needed his services.

He solves problems with energy that others didn't succeed.

Mr.. Carin likes to say as a joke that his favorite patients are that ones which the official medicine doesn't have a solution or a cure. Then he starts to heal and the results are quickly visible to the patient, but also his family because a person is changing for the better on all levels. If you only treat the disease in the physical body and it heals up, the disease eventually returns. That's why Mr. Carin works on all human bodies (etheric, mental, astral, physical), spirit and mind.

"As a young man I noticed that people around me feel cheerful, serene, full of life and joy. During the student days I worked as a sales manager in a small company and then began my first healing days. People from local shops came to me in my salon for a short conversations  where they presented their problems and in 15-20 min went to the cheerful, full of energy state. Then I began to bother because the number of people increased every day  and listening to  fate and illness of others wasn't exactly fun for me as a young student. But it intrigued me to wonder: What's going on around me?“

At that time I read a lot of spiritual literature from around the world:  the Bible, the Vedas, Shamanism, various books on energy of the bodies of the human being, the aura, chakras, human anatomy ...

I was interested in God and the meaning of life but told from the mouths of all religions and nations on the planet Earth: of Catholics, Orthodox, Buddhist, Aboriginal from Australia, shamans from Siberia, South America and Africa, Kahuna priests from Hawaii, Native Americans ... "

Because Jesus said: „You will make bigger miracles than I did.“ So I wondered:“Why are there diseases and people suffering?

But only know from books without spiritual practice is like a man without a soul, something is missing. As the old saying says: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." So then occurred a fateful meeting in my life.

My life path "accidentally" brought me to one of the largest European healers, doctor of science of complementary medicine, acupuncture and chiropractic V.I. who accepted me as his student, which is why I am immensely grateful to him. With Dr. John I learned about clinical practice, some of the most serious diseases of our time and successfully healed and learned a variety of spiritual energy techniques and old hidden knowledge of healing (of Bio energy, Reiki, a Shamanism, breathing techniques, meditation, Buddha-KI, Osho s, the protection and removal of black magic influences and spells, exorcism, purification of negativity from people and objects, walking on coals at 1000 degrees, I met with shamans from Peru who have shared their knowledge and ancient healing rituals associated with their sacred plants ...). I have also successfully developed some of my own healing techniques, unique in the world as  God's breath.

The world is infinitely beautiful, and life is a gift that is given to us. Live your dream.

For me the time has come to help myself and others with my natural abilities and learned skills.

I'm not saying that I can help everyone, but mostly I can.

„The gift I received from God and the old knowledge that I collected all my life allows me to change the fate of the person and leaving no room for an accident to happen. "

Mr. Carin says that a human being is most important, not a judgment call, so he doesn't care of  persons color, religion, nation but whether he can help.

"I am especially happy to see shine in the eyes of the patient and the return of his lost health."

If you're one of those who were looking for healing and "accidentally" come across me, feel free to contact me, because as the old saying "There are no coincidences and everything is happening at the moment in which it's supposed to happen."

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